White Perfect Day Cream


White Perfect Day Cream


  • White Perfect Fairness Control Day Cream lightens the skin tone and reduces brown spots
  • Gives softer, smoother and moisturized Skin
  • Complexion appears more luminous and rosy with tourmaline gemstone
  • Melanin Vanish helps to reduce spots and brightens the skin tone
  • SPF 17 and PA++ protects from skin damage
  • Day after day the complexion appears more even, dark spots are reduced and skin looks more luminous

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Loreal paris white perfect cream in Pakistan

Loreal Paris white perfect cream

The Loreal white perfect Day cream is a French cosmetics company and considered world’s largest make-up and beauty group. Ranging from cosmetics to hair colour and skin care to make-up products, Loreal white perfect cream is a renowned brand while helping millions of people every-day to achieve their beauty standards.

Loreal Paris White Perfect Whitening Day cream in Pakistan is very good got skin nourishment. It’s a well-balanced non greasy and quickly absorbent formula. With its unique preparation qualities, Loreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rose Whitening Day cream has additional comforting and velvety texture that leave skin soft and supple all Day.

  • Glowing Skin
  • Clear Spot On Face
  • Erase Wrinkle
  • Remove Dark Circle
  • Whitening Skin

L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Before and After

Analyse and measure your fairness. See how Loreal White Perfect cream treatment-like fairness can transform your skin. Loreal Paris White Perfect Cream effect step by step :

Before using Loreal Paris White Perfect Cream analyse your skin and wrote down your facts that you faced and after the use of 1 week you see amazing change.

Loreal white perfect Day cream Benefits

  • Loreal white perfect Day cream Gives a shining, lightening of skin,white and moisturized skin.
  • Loreal white perfect Day cream Can be applies on dark areas of the body.
  • Loreal white perfect Day cream For people who want to show off skin to the sun or very good.
  • Loreal white perfect Day cream Suitable for all skin pigmentation cream.
  • Loreal white perfect cream works like a laser light to give best fairness
  • voox dd beauty cream goes deep inside to bright dark skin cells.
  • Loreal white perfect cream Gives glowing radiant fairness.

Loreal white perfect laser Day cream Review

For many years, L’oreal has been developing a strong expertise on women’s skin, through advanced research and partnership with dermatologists worldwide. Our products provide visible results to every woman, at any age. L’oreal Paris Dermo-Expertise is one of the most appreciated and trusted skincare brands worldwide.

Loreal Day cream side Effects

Loreal white perfect Day cream is herbal and have no any side effet. But before use read clearly terms and condition : How to use and method of use.

White perfect Day cream Price in Pakistan: 1200 PKR



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