Joan of Arc Red Artificial Hymen Kit


  • It is made up of 100% natural materials
  • No surgeries
  • No painful and expensive treatments
  • No anxiety and tension
  • Gives self confidence

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Joan of arc red is a fake hymen that is designed in order to fake the blood during the sexual intercourse. In many regions, it is still considered to be immoral if a women experiences sexual intercourse before marriage. Many men consider it an honor if their partner is virgin. This product has helped save a lot of lives by faking the loss of blood from hymen during the intercourse. It contains no side-effects and harmful products.

It is made of water soluble cellulose. The red powder inside it is the albumin which acts as the blood. It has to be placed inside the vagina gently before the intercourse. It is entirely harmless and works efficiently. It can be placed inside the vagina just 15 minutes before the sexual activity. It has saved women from insecurities and solved this major problem.


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